RINVOQ is a JAK inhibitor for adults with active nr-axSpA in whom TNF blockers did not work well.

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non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA)

If you’re still experiencing nr-axSpA symptoms after a TNF blocker like CIMZIA®*, RINVOQ is different and may help.

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once-daily pill

In a clinical study, RINVOQ helped:

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Relieve nr-axSpA back pain and stiffness.

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Reduce overall nr-axSpA disease activity, which was measured using a questionnaire about a range of symptoms including: back pain, joint pain and swelling, enthesitis (pain and swelling in areas like the heel and elbow), fatigue, and morning stiffness.

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Improve physical function, making it easier to do everyday activities.

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What best describes the status of your

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Diagnosed and taking an NSAID (like aspirin or ibuprofen)

It may be time to talk to your rheumatologist about whether your current treatment is helping you get relief. Use a customized checklist to help you prepare for the conversation.

Start the Appointment Checklist

Diagnosed and on a biologic (injection or infusion) or oral small molecule

Prepare to talk treatment options and goals at your next rheumatologist visit—and ask about RINVOQ.

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Diagnosed with AS

You deserve to be supported at your next rheumatologist appointment. Use the customized AS checklist to help you prepare for the conversation.

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Not diagnosed

It’s time to get honest about your symptoms with a rheumatologist—a doctor who specializes in diseases like nr-axSpA.

Partner with a rheumatologist

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Understand possible side effects

Consider the benefits and risks of taking RINVOQ to make an informed treatment choice with your rheumatologist.

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Get the conversation going

Be prepared for your next rheumatologist visit.

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You could pay as little as $5 a month

The RINVOQ Complete Savings Card may help eligible, commercially insured patients pay as little as $5 a month for RINVOQ.

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Start your RINVOQ story

Share your experience with RINVOQ to help inform and inspire others. To participate, please email us at info@SPEAKnetwork.net or call 877-861-6180.

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Find a rheumatologist near you

Make sure you’re getting the most appropriate care for your condition. Partner with a doctor who specializes in diseases like nr-axSpA and ask if RINVOQ could help you.

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*CIMZIA® (certolizumab pegol) is a registered trademark of UCB, Inc.