For adults with active non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis with objective signs of inflammation in whom a TNF blocker did not work well.

In a clinical study,
RINVOQ helped achieve:


Powerful Relief.Powerful Relief

from nr-axSpA back
pain & stiffness.

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RINVOQ helped many people significantly relieve their nr-axSpA symptoms in 14 weeks vs placebo (44.9% vs 22.3%). Some saw improvement as fast as 2 weeks.

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Reduce overall nr-axSpA disease activity, which was measured using a questionnaire about a range of symptoms including: joint pain and swelling, enthesitis (pain and swelling in areas like the heel and elbow), and morning stiffness.

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RINVOQ can give people nights with less back pain for better days ahead.

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Nr-axSpA patients can experience an improved quality of life.

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RINVOQ may reduce nr-axSpA fatigue.

Safety Considerations

RINVOQ may cause serious side effects, including:

  • Serious infections. RINVOQ can lower ability to fight infections. Serious infections, some fatal, occurred, including tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
  • Increased risk of death in people age 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor.
  • Cancer and immune system problems. Increased risk of some cancers, including lymphoma and skin. Current or past smokers have higher risk for lymphoma and lung cancer.
  • Increased risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death in people 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor, especially in current or past smokers.
  • Blood clots, some fatal, in veins of the legs or lungs and arteries. This occurred more often in people 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor.
  • Serious allergic reactions. Do not take if allergic to RINVOQ or its ingredients.
  • Tears in the stomach or intestines; changes in certain laboratory test results.

Learn more about these and the full Important Safety Information below.

Fast relief that can last

RINVOQ helped some people see an improvement in nr-axSpA symptoms as fast as 2 weeks. Many people achieved significant relief from nr-axSpA symptoms in 14 weeks. A similar percentage of people reported relief a year later (at 52 weeks).

Relief at 1 year (52 weeks)*

Of those who continued on RINVOQ, many saw improvement of their nr-axSpA symptoms.

*40% improvement in nr-axSpA symptoms when used with or without csDMARDs, NSAIDs, or oral corticosteroids.

RINVOQ helps relieve RA pain, swelling & stiffness

Individual results may vary

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Understanding the possible side effects

Consider the benefits and risks of taking RINVOQ to make an informed treatment choice with your rheumatologist.

RINVOQ increased physical function

RINVOQ helped make it easier to do everyday tasks. People on RINVOQ completed a questionnaire that asked about their ability to perform activities, such as:

Bending at the waist to pick up
small objects from the floor

Getting out of a chair
without needing support

Climbing 12-15 steps
without using a handrail

Doing a full day of activities
at home or work

What that
means for


If you’re not getting relief from your nr-axSpA symptoms, it may be time to rethink your treatment plan. Ask if RINVOQ could be right for you at your next rheumatologist visit.


What best describes the status of
your nr-axSpA?

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Diagnosed and taking an NSAID (like aspirin or ibuprofen)

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Diagnosed and on a biologic (injection or infusion) or oral small molecule

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