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Your game plan to take on RA
RAPID3 Calculator
Use the RAPID3 Calculator to answer quick questions about how RA is currently impacting you. Your rheumatologist will use your results to help understand your disease severity and if you are undertreating your RA.
You've completed the RAPID3 Calculator! Remember to share your score with your rheumatologist.
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Goals Builder
An effective treatment plan starts with the right treatment goals. The Goals Builder will guide you through the process of creating actionable goals that are specific, measurable, and defined. Share your goals with your rheumatologist to help them create a more effective treatment plan.
Congrats on creating your goals! Remember to bring them to your next doctor’s appointment to share with your rheumatologist.
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Appointment Checklist
The Appointment Checklist will help you feel prepared, so you can get the most out of your visit.
You're prepared to have a productive and honest conversation with your rheumatologist
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Appointment Checklist


In any conversation about your rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment, the most important voice is yours.

This guide will help you prepare to have a productive conversation with your rheumatologist. After answering a few questions, you’ll receive a personalized Appointment Checklist that you can share at your next appointment.

Don’t have time to complete the Checklist? Download a PDF with quick tips and questions >

RINVOQ is not for everyone. Before you and your doctor make a treatment decision, read about the Use and Important Safety Information below. Working together with your doctor can help you determine if RINVOQ is right for you.