Don’t Settle for Ongoing RA Symptoms

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CARYN: I felt like I was doing better, but not where I wanted to be.

I wanted to be able to go to work, go to the grocery store, everyday things without being in pain.

LYNN: Prior to RINVOQ, a lot of times I would wake up and my hands would be in fists, and it literally would take me to the end of the day before I could stretch out my fingers like this.

I distinctly remember having the conversation with my rheumatologist, and she looked at me and she said, “We’re going to try different treatments until we find the one that makes it ‘you feeling like you again’ and not just settling for ‘this is as good as it gets.’”

You don’t have to settle. It’s been a long journey for me, but I’ve gotten there.

JORDIN: It was a long process to find a medication that actually worked for me.

You don’t need to be in pain all the time. You don’t need to have fatigue all the time. If it’s not working for you, reach out, because there’s other options.



RINVOQ may cause serious side effects, including:

  • Serious infections. RINVOQ can lower ability to fight infections. Serious infections, some fatal, occurred, including tuberculosis (TB) and infections caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
  • Increased risk of death in people age 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor.
  • Cancer and immune system problems. Increased risk of some cancers, including lymphoma and skin. Current or past smokers have higher risk for lymphoma and lung cancer.
  • Increased risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death in people 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor, especially in current or past smokers.
  • Blood clots, some fatal, in veins of the legs or lungs and arteries. This occurred more often in people 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor.
  • Serious allergic reactions. Do not take if allergic to RINVOQ or its ingredients.
  • Tears in the stomach or intestines; changes in certain laboratory test results.

Please see additional Important Safety Information on this webpage.