RINVOQ PsA patients

Watch Tim’s PsA journey:

Inspiring stories, real results

Tim had active psoriatic arthritis and still experienced symptoms on a TNF blocker. Hear how RINVOQ helped him find relief and get back to doing what he loves.

Don’t settle for ongoing PsA symptoms

When Tim struggled with PsA symptoms on a TNF blocker, he feared that his joint pain and skin symptoms would only get worse. His determination to find relief led him to explore a different treatment option with RINVOQ.

Making a change in PsA treatment

Tim was used to adapting his plans and activities for PsA. But after talking with his rheumatologist, he felt empowered to make a different kind of change.

Set PsA treatment goals with a rheumatologist

Tim's PsA treatment goals focused on his favorite activities, like golfing and walking the dog. He partnered with his rheumatologist to create a PsA treatment plan that supports his lifestyle.

Share your RINVOQ story

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Expect more from your PsA treatment plan

“You can ask the right questions”

— Tim, living with PsA

You have the right to feel better. If you don’t believe your current treatment is working, partner with your rheumatologist to help find a PsA treatment option that’s right for you.



If PsA gets in the way of your favorite activities, setting treatment goals can help.