RINVOQ for ulcerative colitis

In clinical studies, RINVOQ helped people living with UC experience remission at 8 weeks and 1 year.

Plus, RINVOQ helped deliver:


  • Rapid relief from UC symptoms* in as early as 2 weeks

*Based on the frequency of bowel movements and the amount of bloody stools.


  • No bowel urgency, no abdominal pain, and significantly reduced fatigue at 8 weeks
  • Steroid-free remission at 1 year
  • Visible colon lining repair even at 1 year

Areas that were visually assessed may not represent repair of the entire colon lining.


  • In another study, RINVOQ helped patients achieve remission, even at ~2 years.

In a less rigorous study, past week 52 and thereafter, physicians and patients knew that RINVOQ was being used, which may have influenced these results.


RINVOQ may cause serious side effects, including:

  • Serious Infections, Cancer and Immune System Problems, and Blood Clots.
  • Increased risk of death in people age 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor.
  • Increased risk of major cardiovascular events, such as heart attack, stroke, or death in people age 50+ with at least 1 heart disease risk factor, especially in current or past smokers.
  • Serious allergic reactions. Do not take if allergic to RINVOQ or its ingredients.

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See full Important Safety Information below.

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