Frequently asked questions about RINVOQ

It’s common to have questions about your treatment as you begin your journey with RINVOQ. Here we’ve collected answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about RINVOQ medication.

What is RINVOQ?

RINVOQ is a JAK inhibitor taken orally as a once-daily pill to treat moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (UC) when 1 or more medicines called tumor necrosis factor (TNF) blockers such as HUMIRA® or REMICADE® have been used and did not work well. RINVOQ works with your body to fight the inflammation that can lead to UC symptoms.

Because JAK inhibitors, including RINVOQ, affect the immune system, they can lower the ability to fight infections and may cause other serious side effects. It’s important to talk to your healthcare provider about the possible side effects of prescription treatments. Learn more about side effects of RINVOQ.

Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitor – A medication that works by targeting JAKs, some of the proteins involved in inflammation. RINVOQ is an example of a JAK inhibitor taken orally as a once-daily pill



RINVOQ may cause serious side effects, including Serious Infections, Increased Risk of Death, Cancer, Major Cardiovascular Events and Blood Clots.

Keep scrolling for more info about these and other serious side effects in the full Important Safety Information at the bottom of this page.


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Getting real about UC and RINVOQ

I had extremely frequent bowel movements, there was blood in my stool, I had severe cramping, severe fatigue, to the point where I didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything.

—KATIE, moderate to severe UC patient

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