For adults with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (UC) in whom TNF blockers did not work well


for ulcerative colitis
(UC) treatment

Set your long-term treatment goals

When it comes to moderate to severe UC, you shouldn't have to choose between relief that's fast and relief that lasts. 

That’s why it’s important to:

think beyond symptom relief

strive for long-term remission

aim to visibly repair the colon lining



Remission is a period when someone experiences few or no UC symptoms and their colon lining has visibly improved. Your gastroenterologist can confirm if you're in remission based on the frequency of your bowel movements, a lack of bloody stools, and a visible improvement of the colon lining seen in endoscopy results. Consider treatment options that offer lasting remission, even at 1 year.

Endoscopy – A procedure where a flexible tube-like instrument with a light and lens for viewing is used to look at the inside of the digestive tract by entering through the mouth or anus. An endoscopy is used to both diagnose UC and to monitor your disease and potential complications

visible repair

of the colon lining

A reduction in inflammation affecting the lining of the colon. This helps allow the colon lining to repair.

Inflammation – Your immune system’s natural defense to harm, such as redness or swelling. When you have UC, your immune system can cause chronic inflammation, contributing to colon damage and UC symptoms



Remember that a key goal of UC treatment is to achieve steroid-free remission. It’s important to find a treatment option that can help you move toward remission and stay in remission without the need for steroids.

You should know the potential benefits and risks of RINVOQ before making any treatment decisions. Learn more about side effects.

With RINVOQ, many people achieved remission—without the need for steroids—at 1 year.



What might remission and colon lining repair look like in your day-to-day life? Do your UC symptoms keep you from doing things you enjoy? Maybe you're interested in taking a camping trip, or want to run errands without constant bathroom breaks.

That's why setting the right treatment goals can make all the difference.

Make your
treatment plan count

The first step is talking to your gastroenterologist about the importance of achieving both lasting remission and visible repair of the colon lining.

Hear from RINVOQ patients

Meet real patients who were all looking to put their UC in check.

Assess your UC symptoms

Answer a few questions about your symptoms to help you have more productive conversations with your gastroenterologist.

See how Jacorrian put UC in check

I can focus on working on projects without having to worry about darting back and forth from my computer to the nearest restroom.

—JACORRIAN, moderate to severe UC patient

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