for Ulcerative Colitis (UC) Treatment

Go beyond
symptom relief

When it comes to moderate to severe UC, you shouldn't have to choose between relief that's fast and relief that lasts. That's why it's important to think beyond temporary symptom relief, achieve long-term remission, and help repair the colon lining.

Make your treatment plan count

The first step is talking to your gastroenterologist about the importance of achieving both lasting remission and repair of the colon lining.



Remission is a period when someone's UC symptoms are under control. Treatment can help make remission last, even at 1 year. Your gastroenterologist can confirm if you're in remission based on the frequency of your bowel movements, a lack of bloody stools, and a visible improvement of the colon lining seen in endoscopy results.


of the colon lining

A reduction in inflammation affecting the lining of the colon. This helps allow the colon lining to repair.

Your immune system’s natural defense to harm, such as redness or swelling. When you have UC, your immune system can cause chronic inflammation, contributing to colon damage and UC symptoms.

An exam that uses a small camera to look at the colon and/or rectum and help assesses the severity of UC

With RINVOQ, many people achieved remission—without the need for steroids—even at 1 year.

What this means for your daily life

You might be wondering what remission and colon lining repair may look like in your day-to-day life.


Ask yourself, do your UC symptoms keep you from doing things you enjoy? Maybe you're interested in taking a camping trip, or want to run errands without constant bathroom breaks.


That's why setting the right treatment goals can make all the difference.

Having my symptoms under control meant I didn’t have to worry about where the nearest restroom was whenever I went out.

—MARIA, moderate to severe UC patient

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Powerful results with RINVOQ

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Speak up—and often

You are your best advocate. Ask your gastroenterologist about RINVOQ and how it can help you achieve your long-term treatment goals.

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