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RINVOQ patients

Meet real people who put their ulcerative colitis (UC) in check with RINVOQ

These patients are excited to share their individual success stories. Now, they’re sharing their individual success stories. See how RINVOQ delivered the results they were looking for. 

Getting real about UC and RINVOQ: Katie's Story

Katie opens up to Doug—another UC patient—about living with UC and taking RINVOQ in this revealing patient-to-patient Q&A. Find out what remission with RINVOQ means for Katie—and what it could mean for you. 

Getting real about UC and RINVOQ: Doug’s Story

Doug opens up to Katie—another UC patient—about living with UC and his decision to try RINVOQ. Doug shares how life has changed for him and his family now that his symptoms are under control. 

Jasmine has reclaimed her time for the things that matter

At her worst, this active mom had to go to the bathroom up to 20 times a day. With RINVOQ, she’s put her UC in check and she’s able to spend more time going on hikes and being with her son.

Jacorrian no longer plans his day around running to the restroom

This graphic designer was tired of darting back and forth between his computer and the restroom. With RINVOQ, he’s put his UC in check and can stay focused on what he loves.

For Matt, finding a medication that met his treatment goals was a win

This nature lover tried different treatments, including a TNF blocker, before trying RINVOQ. With RINVOQ, he was able to put his UC in check and is ready to explore the world.

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Learn how RINVOQ fights the inflammation that can lead to UC symptoms.

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